Sid let out a laugh and squirmed a little at the fingers tracing over his back. He couldn’t move too much, thanks to the weight set squarely on his ass, but he didn’t try to shake the weight away.

The fingers tickled his skin again and he buried his face into the pillow he had been using just moments earlier. He continued to squirm and laugh as the touches continued, drawing lines all over his back.

It was like a ritual. Whenever his boyfriend stayed the night, he’d get woken up by a weight on top of him and soft fingertips dragging over his skin from scar to scar and then kisses over his skin with apologies which he would always deny because he didn’t believe any apologies were necessary. The scars were something he had received for choosing to save a friend.

When the hands stopped this time, though, no kisses or apologies followed. He waited a moment longer, just in case, before lifting his head and looking over his shoulder with a worried expression. “Joe…?”

He was met with a small smile peeking out from between the long black hair that fell around his face, the tie still on the bedside table from where Sid had taken it out the night before. “I can spell my name.” 

Sid blinked and stared at him for a moment in confusion. Joe began tracing his fingers over the skin again and the older boy paid closer attention this time before giving a smile of his own.

"Now that," he started, slowly rolling over onto his back when Joe lifted up just enough to let him do so. "Has got to mean something."

Joe leaned forward to steal a quick kiss. “Yeah…” He lay down on top of Sid and rested his head on his shoulder before closing his eyes. “Means you’re stuck with me for a long while yet.”

Red loved his boys. He really did. They were so spirited and full of energy and they made his life exciting, but, sometimes, he longed for his old life sailing around the world as captain of an old style yacht which he’d had to sell once he’d found up his wife was pregnant.

Especially once they both hit puberty.

As soon as Basco had started, Red knew things were just going to get worse. The oldest son had always been rather introverted, reaching out only when it benefited him or when he was bored and wanted to make someone else’s life hell. Puberty just made him worse, made his temper even more unpredictable and it was half the reason that he had gotten his son Sally. 

It quickly became apparent that it was the best thing he could’ve done. He calmed back down to how he had been before puberty started and even seemed a lot more cheerful. So long as he had Sally with him, of course.

Red had been sure that would be the end of it. 

He learned otherwise when Marvelous hit puberty as well. Marvelous had it worse, what with his brother’s habits of picking on him whenever he got a chance. The addition of Basco’s new partner-in-crime just made the younger son’s life even worse and much of the time at home was punctuated by Marvelous yelling at Basco and demanding he give back something or other that Sally had stolen.

So he got Navi, with the hopes that the parrot would help ward off the monkey some, but it only seemed to make things worse. Sure, it gave Marvelous a friend at home to lock himself in his room with whenever his friends from school couldn’t venture out, but it also gave Basco something new to complain about.

Basco was never allowed to cook in the kitchen again.

Red wasn’t particularly keen on trying roast parrot.

Marvelous pushed himself back onto his feet and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He barely stopped to glance at the blood smear left on his skin, his attention drawn to the senior in front of him. He heard someone spit on the ground behind him and relaxed a little when he felt a back press up against his, the familiar ponytail tickling the back of his neck.

He barely listened to the taunting of the delinquents circled around him and his friend, instead concentrating on steeling himself for the next attack and figuring out the best way to take any of them down.

There were four in total, plus a baseball bat and a crowbar. Joe had managed to pick up a sizeable branch during the first round, but, apart from that, the juniors were unarmed and outnumbered. But that didn’t stop them from lunging forward, catching the older boys off guard and proceeding to attack them.

It was easier to just fight rather than listen to the taunting, consequences be damned.

Basco sat bolt upright in his bed, glaring at the door of his bedroom in the darkness.

He could hear it. He didn’t know how anyone else could sleep through it because that damn thing was fucking loud and he just wanted to storm into his brother’s room down the hall, snap the damn thing’s neck, pluck it and serve it for dinner.

Why? Why had his dad thought it would be a good idea to give Marvelous that… thing? How had their mom even agreed to it? Those things belonged on the dinner table or in the mouth of a cat, not in a cage in his brother’s room.

It didn’t help that Sally had gone missing as well.

Usually when he woke up, the monkey was curled up into his side or by his head, somewhere where he could feel her body rising and falling as she breathed. But she wasn’t here tonight and it made Basco anxious. He didn’t usually feel anxious. Usually he was too busy making other people’s lives difficult to feel anxious.

But here, alone in the dark of his room in a still house, he felt anxious not having that familiar weight tucked so close to him, the only friendly company that he really loved and needed.

The anxiety subsided the instant he heard a familiar chirp and faint bounding coming down the hall, closer to his room. He listened to the clinking of chain and then there was an extra weight on the mattress.

Basco smiled and reached out to pick up the tamarin to place her in his lap. “There you are, Sally,” He slowly pet her, blinking as the clinking chain rattled again and a cold weight fell into his other hand. He smirked slowly and gave an approving nod. “So that’s where you were… Is this for me?” A happy little chirp and he leaned down to kiss the top of her head. “Thank you, Sally.”

He carefully bundled the golden necklace up and slid it under his pillow before lying back down. He waited until Sally was comfortably curled up against his side before laying his head down and closing his eyes.

"Oi you little shit! Give it back! Get he—- Goddammit, BASCO! TELL YOUR MONKEY TO GIVE ME BACK MY NECKLACE!"

Basco was quite comfortable lying on his bed reading his book for class when he spotted an orange blur streak through the door. He looked up, watching Marvelous appear in the doorway, red with anger all the way down his torso. Basco smirked.

"Sally, have you been watching Marvy-chan in the shower?" he drawled and turned his head to look at where the monkey was sitting on his desk, holding a familiar medallion in her hands. "You sneaky little pervert."

"Basco! Tell her to give me back my necklace!" Marvelous demanded, still dripping wet. One hand was holding the towel around his waist and his hair was flat and stuck to his skull.

"What necklace?" Basco sat up slowly and patted the space beside him. Sally leaped off the desk and settling into her owner’s lap. He ran his hand over the golden fur but didn’t try and take the necklace back. "All I see is Sally’s new toy."

Marvelous growled.


The hardest part about going to school while having to wear a cast on his wrist was getting dress in the morning. Sid could handle most things alright until it got to his school tie. He had enough trouble with two good hands tying a tie let alone tying it with a bum hand.

Joe, however, was surprisingly good with them.

It had been a slightly rushed morning. Elizabeth had already left for work before she could help her son with his tie because she had an early morning meeting she had to attend, and Sid had been left looking and feeling lost when Joe arrived for his daily morning greeting.

"Are you alright, Sid-senpai?" he asked as he took his shoes off and stepped inside, leaving them and Marvelous waiting at the door. "Do you want some help?"

Sid couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. “Uh… Yeah… if you could.”

Joe smiled and stepped in front of Sid, taking the tie from him. He reached up and slid it around the older boy’s neck then took a step closer to make his work easier. Sid leaned forward a little to help, a hand lifting to rest on Joe’s hip to help him keep his balance. After a minute or two of fiddling around with the accessory, Joe pushed the knot up to where it was meant to sit and neatened it up.

"There we go," he announced, looking rather proud of his work, but he didn’t step away any further. Sid smiled a thanks then looked down at the tie approvingly.

"Thanks for that," he voiced. "I still can’t tie them. Ma always ties it for me if I need it to be tied."

"Oi, Joe, c’mon! Luka’s asking where we are." The urgency was plain in Marvelous’s tone when he decided to interrupt but there was another tone there that Sid only picked up because of the way the boy’s expression emphasized it.

Sid shook it off and looked back down at Joe. “I’ll see you tonight,” he said with a smile, the hand on Joe’s hip lingering a moment before dropping to hang by his side.

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